T1 Pri Primary Rate Interface

In the simplest terms T1 PRI, meaning 'Primary Rate Interface', is a technical term used to describe a digital telephone line which is capable of carrying large volumes of telephone data calls through a single phone line. T1 lines have been around for quite a while now, and it is basically used to describe a phone line which transports voice, data or video calls. However, what the T1 PRI protocol does, is to split this single T1 line into twenty-four separate communication band widths of 64kbps.

So instead of the T1 phone line being able to provide a user with one single and large band width telecommunications line of around 1.5Mbps, the T1 PRI protocol works to allow this line to carry up to twenty-three separate communication calls at the minimum band width which is needed for telephone calls. The separate communication lines the T1 PRI protocol creates are commonly referred to as bearer lines, and these twenty-three bearer lines allow twenty-three separate telephone calls to travel down the same T1 telephone line.

To aid these bearer lines which the T1 PRI protocol creates, the final un-used line, often referred to as the 'D channel', allows the bearer lines to be effectively monitored and controlled. For business purposes, the use of a T1 PRI is extremely useful, particularly for businesses which employ call centers. Not only does the T1 PRI allow companies to received and transmit a larger number of data calls through a single telephone line, but it also allows quicker connection.

Channelized T1 PRI ports are also more reliable than the preceding technologies, and the quality of voice, data and video calls is significantly improved. Because of this both small and larger companies are increasingly taking advantage of channelized T1 PRI ports when conducting business. Since channelized T1 PRI ports operate through a single telephone line, they are also a lot more cost effective than other communication lines.

Hence a T1 PRI line can provide the majority of companies with huge monetary savings, especially in their customer services department. For example, if a business was already using and paying for ten separate phone lines, by installing a channelized T1 PRI port they could make a significant saving which would help to reduce the overall running costs of their business. Installing a T1 PRI line is quite straightforward and you only pay for the number of communications lines your business actually needs.

While the T1 PRI service may be ideal for directing numerous business calls quickly and effectively, a single T1 line may still be beneficial for some companies that require large communication downloads which exceed the bandwidth of the bearer lines that the T1 PRI service provides. However, for companies looking to increase their data traffic volume and save valuable money, the T1 PRI line is the most suitable and intelligent choice for the professional business.